The Trans​-​Neptune Trajectory

by Clay Green's Polysorbate Masquerade Band

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A Heavy Prog sound presenting equal doses of gritty organ and wah-wah guitar, along with embellishments from the realms of Jazz and Classical!

Clay Green plays guitar, electric bass guitar, keyboards, virtual instruments, and wears the occasional turtle neck sweater.
. . .

The drums for this album (including performances and kit samples) were provided by Dan Zalac

Song Descriptions:

“Coronal Mass Ejection” is a lengthy piece which alternates between the “weird-funky” and the “Heavy Prog”. Ponder Gentle Giant syncopations with a touch of Deep Purple. And how ‘bout those groovy bass lines!

“Entropy” demonstrates how an over-clocked, pulsating, sonic plasma might sound in a vacuum. Inside the vortex are some brief acoustic passages, a bit of sundry hijinks. Just wait for the embellished reprise!

“Remembering Bubbles” is a somber, melancholy number. “Wah-Wah!”, cried the guitar.

“The Uchalna Revision” conjures up images of a wounded circus clown. It’s all about that fuzzy bass. And a Zappa-sounding guitar effect.

“Antimatter of Fact (a.k.a. Life and Death)” is more rock, less Prog. Tastes filling, less great. Something like that.

“Scattered Disc “ is the finale of Bath salts proportions: Swirling musical themes, vivid tapestries of changing tonality. Tinges of ELP and PFM. The price of admission is wedged between two orchestra interludes: a frisky organ solo which trips the circuit breakers!


released April 1, 2015



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Clay Green's Polysorbate Masquerade Band

Instrumental Progressive rock with a classic, 1970s sound!

Not withstanding noted collaborators and mercenaries, Clay Green's Polysorbate Masquerade Band (PMB) is a one-man extravaganza! PMB illuminates its Magic Lantern, offering glimpses into olden Prog.

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